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Big Wins for Blank Check, Energy and Medical Companies

Happy Wednesday! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend and day off from the mania in the markets. Welcome back to Bullish Rippers! Over the last few days, we’ve witnessed a correction in stocks not seen since March.

But it looks like a rebound took effect in trading today. Our Rippers list looks familiar, and that’s because many members today were on here just over a week ago. Let’s dive in:

🧪 Biotech is back on top. Trillium Therapeutics secured a new $25 million equity investment from the pharma giant Pfizer. The investment reads as a confidence in the science behind this early-stage cancer biotech, even though they are likely years away from market. $TRIL is up nearly 44% on the news.

🔬 Just below biotech is another health company which interfaces in AI and telemedicine. Ontrak provides a digital outpatient clinic through a network of providers which can help treat behavioral health patients. Weeks ago, they announced a stock offering which would dilute existing shareholders. This caused the stock to take a dip, but it recovered in volatility today. $OTRK is up about 16% amidst all the investor rage.

🍃 A biodiesel producer in Delaware with a very imaginative name is taking on big gains today after several investment bank analysts initiated coverage on their business. Renewable Energy Group is providing cleaner fuels to customers across the country. $REGI is up 12% on the investor interest and optimistic analyst coverage.

🔌 $REGI is not the only energy producer on the list today: New Fortress Energy, a gas-to-power company which provides a large volume of clean energy services, also made it. The company announced it would pay its first common stock dividend two weeks ago, which would pay out for all investors who held the stock by Sept. 7. The recent volatility and inflows have pushed $NFE to new heights. It’s up nearly 12% in trading today.

🐢 Shell and blank check companies are back on the Rippers list: $DPHC is up about 12% as investors continue to pile into the soon-to-be electric truck producer and $FMCI is back with a 7% jump as money starts to move into the future plant-based foods maker. They’re joined by $LCA and $DMYT which are soon to merge with online gaming companies.

That wraps the Rippers list today. Check back here on Friday to see all the stocks making moves and get an end-of-week summary 🔥

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