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Biotech, Blank Check and Box-Related Companies Make Big Moves

Welcome back to Bullish Rippers! It’s finally Friday and stocks have managed to recover a bit from the volatility and movement of the last few days. Despite all of the frothiness in tech and software, there’s been some big moves. Let’s dive in and check it out ⬇️

🔬 10x Genomics is tackling the boom in individualized medicine and genetics research at the intersection of technology and hardware. $TXG is a cutting-edge life science company building gene sequencing technology and software. Alongside the sequencing services and tools it offers to customers, the company engages in immunology, cancer and infectious disease research operations. It’s likely that as gene therapies, individualized medicine and other biotech-forward health initiatives take place in our healthcare system, companies which fuel this boom are likely to capitalize. $TXG is up 10% today.

🦴 Today’s biggest gainer is disrupting the extremely expensive X-ray market with an extremely sophisticated, compact X-ray machine. Nano-X Imaging plans to charge hospitals on a pay-per-scan basis, allowing medical professionals to access AI tools and a cloud for instant access to the scans. Today’s 33% jump contributes to a nearly 200% jump since $NNOX IPOed during the last week of August.

📈 SPACs and blank check companies continue to find a place on the Rippers list. Today, two of the SPACs we mentioned are back on the list, showing how investors continue to fuel momentum in these companies. The two SPACs that made the list today: $DPHC (a soon to be EV truck company Lordstown Motors) and $DMYT (a soon to be a gaming company). Watch the SPAC space, because it’s likely they’ll be back.

📦 Our final featured Rippers of the week go hand-in-hand, or rather box-in-box. Ranpak Holdings creates environmentally sustainable and high-quality paper and box products. Odds are, you’ve probably gotten a box in the mail created by $PACK. Maybe that box even came from FedEx, which happens to be another feature on today’s list. $FDX got a bump today after analysts raised their targets for earnings, which are due next week. $PACK was up 5% and $FDX was up 4% today.

That wraps this week’s Rippers list! Check back in next week to see what stocks are moving and shaking 📈📈📈

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