You are currently viewing Dollar Signs – May

Dollar Signs – May

In partnership with Cancer__Mood, an Instagram destination for astrology lovers everywhere, Bullish horoscopes bring you a new way to look at money and spending. With the stars as our guide, our goal is to help provide personalized guidance that’s fun, accessible, and never judgmental.


As Saturn enters retrograde this week, double down on your personal career goals. This is a powerful time for you.


Money moves! Today is THE day to start a new business or financial endeavor. Don’t procrastinate — act today. 


If your energy is scattered, you’re more likely to make choices you won’t ultimately be happy with. Leave behind your ASOS cart and clear your mind!


Self-indulgent spending feels so good in the moment, but ultimately will bring you stress this week. Take stock of what you actually need right now!


On Monday — when Mercury enters Gemini — reach out to the smartest people you know for financial advice. This is a potent day for learning, and can set you up for success for the coming year.


We see you, Virgos! You’ve been out here grinding and it is not going unnoticed. This just might be a week of financial gain for you.


Take a look back at how much you’ve grown and improved over the last year when it comes to saving. Let yourself feel proud today! 


Investing has always intrigued you, right? On Wednesday, start doing some research and learning the ropes. 


Saturn moving retrograde this week is literally a message from the stars that you need to start SAVING right now. That nest egg will come in handy down the line!


Are you feeling stuck or stifled at work? Do a little self-reflection about how you can renegotiate your role to better fit your strengths and needs.


You’re in the final stage of an emotional growth period that’s directly tied to your career and financial health. Pay attention to the little details this week.


Sweet Pisces, you are such givers! When it comes to shared finances, make sure you’re not being TOO generous with your roommate or partner. Keep it all even to avoid hurt feelings. 

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