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Finance YouTubers Launch Talent Search to Find the Next Big Creator

Popular finance YouTube channel DumbMoneyTV have started a digital talent search to find money-centric content creators and build new programming on their channel. Dumb Money is comprised of Dave Hanson, Chris Camillo and Jordan Mclain, three close friends and seasoned retail investors, who turned $30,000 into $30 million. The trio have exploded in popularity on YouTube over the last few months, recently hitting 100,000 subscribers.

To celebrate this milestone, Dumb Money announced during their  live 100,000 subscriber special with YouTuber Graham Stephan a groundbreaking talent search. Dumb Money is inviting scrappy, creative, finance-centric YouTubers, TikTokers and social wizards to submit a video clips of an existing show or a pitch for a brand new series. Three selected creators will be offered a $60,000 stipend to quit their job, partner with Dumb Money and start a finance-focused show around personal finance, startups, stocks, alternatives or another finance topic of their choice. Dumb Money is team, and recognizes that this work can’t be done alone. So, the trio will also provide a full production team and ad revenue shares for the content creators to hit the ground running.

Dumb Money is looking for talent that is also engaged with their audience. Their two channels, Dumb Money and Dumb Money LIVE, boast nearly 200,000 subscribers collectively and have grown on the back of record retail participation in markets. That record participation has inspired scores of financially-minded Zoomers and Millennials to take to Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Discord and other social platforms to share their two cents about investing. For example, Dumb Money’s own investing-centric Discord has grown to over 37,000 members in the last few months. The impact of social media is also telling: over 39% of recently polled Gen Zers say they’re getting investing advice from Twitter, YouTube and Discord

CNBC and Bloomberg have existed for decades, but the humanization of finance by everyday retail investors is building the backbone of an exciting new creator economy. Channel host Chris Camillo said that the increasing social presence of investing and personal finance discussions represents progress on one of Dumb Money’s goal to help close the income gap through financial education and investing. 

“This is a first step towards empowering the next generation of investors, home owners, and financially-independent change makers,” Camillo said.

Bullish counts Dumb Money among its dozens of partners building programming and curating important discussions around money and investing. The deadline to submit a pitch for the Dumb Money talent search is March 31, 2021. Creators can send their pitch or existing show to

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