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Earnings Season Kicks Off: Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About Tesla

Happy new week, Rippers fam! This week, earnings season is starting to pick up. We have our eyes on a few movers and shakers, so let’s dive in and see what is ripping ⬇️

🔌 There’s one company that we can’t get off our mind at the moment: Tesla. $TSLA managed to blow the financial world’s mind last quarter after reporting impressive earnings. However, their Q3 results are likely a catalyst which will put gains on the line. But there’s one crucial question: has the EV maker managed to keep pace with consumer demand? We’ll find out this Wednesday.

📺 Netflix is also reporting earnings this week. The streaming giant set off a culture war around their original movie, “Cuties.” Last week, a Texas grand jury brought criminal felony charges against Netflix for promoting “lewd visual material depicting a child.” Netflix insists the film is “a social commentary against the sexualization of children” and stands by their film. $NFLX has seen a drop in subscribers since the film’s release but has mostly recovered. The earnings call represents an opportunity for Netflix to set the record straight — or else investors will likely cash out and watch the ongoing fracas from the sidelines.

🧬 Over the last few weeks, we’ve covered a few ‘CRISPR’ stocks after the inventors of the platform won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their discovery. Several companies focused on gene editing ripped on the news. Though they’re not reporting earnings this week, we’re watching shares of two major CRISPR companies which rose steeply in after hours and pre-market trading on Friday and Monday. Keep a close eye on $NTLA and $CRSP Hope this gives you all some insight for the week ahead.

Join us back here on Tuesday for a look into what’s making moves throughout the week! 📈📈📈

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