You are currently viewing Here’s How Chipotle Became An All-Time Top-Performing Stock (Video)

Here’s How Chipotle Became An All-Time Top-Performing Stock (Video)

Guac. We always pay extra for it.

How can a seemingly small addition to your burrito, lead Chipotle through a sea of controversies to become one of the top-performing stocks of all time, worth a whopping $28 billion today?

In our second episode of TRENDLINE, we look at the decisions, trends, challenges, and successes of Chipotle through the lens of the stock price.

Key Moments:

  • Launch: Chipotle’s story began in 1993 when founder Steve Ells saw the booming popularity of burritos in San Francisco.
  • Avocados: In the 90’s, avocados had a problem. Consumers didn’t understand the benefits and they were rarely available
  • IPO: In January of 2006, Chipotle IPOed at $22 a share. Its stock doubled on its first day of trading and closed at $44. 
  • The E.coli outbreak began in October 2015, sickening over 1,100 people across multiple states.
  • Launching a second make line,” which is a food assembly line that is specifically outfitted to cater to off-premise orders. This enabled Chipotle to quickly achieve rare profitability from delivery.

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