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Introducing Bullish

I’m starting Bullish out of frustration. 

We aren’t taught personal finance in school. As an educated, 30-something-year-old male, I had little to no understanding of where to begin when I started investing my own money. It’s clear that America has a financial literacy crisis on its hands and 79% of young people want to do something about it. With $68 Trillion expected to transfer between millennials and their predecessors over the next decade, young people will be in charge. Our audience is a passionate, high-performing professional who believes they can have a profound impact on the future of the world. They want to take control.

So…why now? Because it’s never been a better time to start a company about saving, investing and spending money. It’s our mission to move the topic of “all things money” forward through entertaining and informational conversations about money, for the curious. 

While there are a lot of outlets chipping away at parts of these challenges, there isn’t a go-to, entertaining platform. The old guard is primarily focused on TV ratings, an older audience and new entrants have been hesitant to talk about money and investments with a POV. It is taboo, after all.

I’ve spent the past ten years leading VICE’s most important partnerships, helping Fortune 500 companies rethink the way they conduct business geared towards millennials. I’ve watched journalism and publishing evolve over these last ten years and saw an opportunity to grow and make a strong impact in the money category. I have put everything I’ve learned into building Bullish.

Bullish is passionate about independent journalists, creators, artists, videographers and storytellers. We are proud to employ and work alongside these bright minds to bring you the most entertaining and informative content on the Internet.

We’re excited to have influential NY Times, CNBC and VICE contributors along with financial technology entrepreneurs & executives as our advisors, who have deep roots in journalism & financial markets.

Each piece of content in our Bullish ecosystem maps back to helping you earn more, spend smarter and grow your money in ways that are right for you. For now, you can find Bullish everywhere you consume content – in your feed, inbox and online.

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Founder and CEO,

Brian Hanly

Brian Hanly

Brian is the Founder and Editor of Bullish

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