Introducing Dollar Signs – Bullish’s Monthly Horoscopes

With the stars as our guide, we’re excited to bring you a new way to look at money and spending.

Generation Z is the least religious generation. About one third have no religion—about the same proportion as among Millennials” says a recent study by the Pew Center. A whopping 98% of young people know their astrological sign and 45% thought it described their personalities, 25% said it can make accurate forecasts – you get the point.

Astrology is the millennial religion.

Bullish is excited to announce a monthly collaboration with @Cancer___Mood, an Instagram destination for astrology lovers everywhere to provide personalized guidance that’s fun, accessible, and never judgmental.

But we didn’t stop there. To further understand if astrology can actually help us take control of our money, we’ve tasked Sara Wass, an NYC based writer and creative, to investigate stories such as: Can the Moon Decipher the Market? and Mercury Retrograde vs the Stock Market.

Experience February’s 2020 Dollar Signs

Each zodiac season ushers in a distinct energy that affects the way we think, feel,  communicate, and — here’s the big one — spend. Aquarius season, the current astrological moment we’re in, is no different. It’s got a unique flavor…and the flavor is fucking weird. 

Aquarians are often referred to as the “aliens” of the zodiac, and for good reason. Those born between January 20th and February 19th are generally some of the most eccentric, exploratory, lovable freaks out there. Over the next few weeks, we’ll all feel their quirky, eccentric nature rub off on us, and it will have quite the influence on the way we think about personal finance. 

Besides the sun entering Aquarius, a few other major planetary moments will also influence our month in money. On February 16th, for example, Mars enters Capricorn and gives us an extra boost of ambition. Right after that (sorry!), we’re due for a big old Mercury retrograde. Finally, as we transition into Pisces season in the final weeks of the month, we’ll experience yet another monumental shift in the way we spend (hint: much more emotionally). 

Hold on to your wallets, and see what the stars have in store for you in February ⭐

Special thank you to our talented designer, Jessica Liebers (@pennewithbutter) for bringing the readings to life.

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