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Joe Biden Is President-Elect: Here Are Some ETFs You Might Want to Add to Your Portfolio Now

The Presidential election has come to a relative conclusion after Joe Biden surpassed the coveted 270 electoral votes on Friday. As of the opening of futures trading on Sunday evening, markets are looking up. We’ve been discussing individual stocks and industries that might move, but wanted to do a brief dive into the ETFs you can buy for your portfolio that might just do well in a Joe Biden presidency:

👨‍💻 The tech industry would be fine regardless of who was in office. However, there’s a lot of angles to play. Big tech is largely covered in funds like $SPY or $QQQ . However, you might want to look at $XLK or $IYW if you’re looking for a more pure tech play. Both of these track technology broadly.

🌱 Joe Biden is likely to be a large proponent of green energy initiatives during his time in office. There’s a lot of different ‘green energy’ plays — electric, solar, wind, etc. Check out $TAN to get exposure to the pure solar play and peep $QCLN if you want to grab a greater basket of green energy companies.

🇨🇳 With Trump out, it’s likely that China stocks will be a huge benefactor of the new era of detente. During his time in office, Trump levied sizable tariffs on many countries, but China was square in his sights for the bulk of his tenure. With Biden in office, investments in China might be more stable. For a China play, take a look at $GXC

🍁 Though not explicitly for legalization, Joe Biden’s friendly liberal-leaning policies will move the overton window in favor of marijuana legalization across the country. To get in on the weed and cannabis play, check out $MJ and $THCX.

The election is not over yet, and there are several senate seats still outstanding. The layout of our government could look very different depending on the composition of the remaining elections.

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