Retail, Real Estate, and Renewables: Some SectorsAre Hitting Strides Like Never Before

Happy Monday from Bullish Rippers. Major indices in the U.S. continued their climb, with the NASDAQ putting the Dow and S&P to shame today as it climbed 1%. The markets continue to surprise investors amidst uncertainty in the larger economy.

Today’s basket of Rippers proves a handful of sectors in the economy are actually hitting their stride like never before: Internet retail, home improvement, real estate, biotech and renewables ⬇️

🛒 If you frequent the Rippers list, you know by now. At this point, it feels like we’ve got to make a video covering the absolute insanity of this company and come to terms with its huge growth this year. $OSTK is our biggest Ripper of the day, up nearly 27% — largely because investors are convinced it might be a meaningful competitive challenge to Amazon. Their confidence might not be misplaced, but it has driven the stock up a radical 1577% year-to-date.

🍼 Natera, a genetic testing company which manufactures a noninvasive test to screen fetuses for common genetic abnormalities, made a bizarre jump today. The stock trended up slightly until 2:05 p.m., when it suddenly made a 13% jump to close out today with a total nearly 15% gain. It appears this jump mostly stemmed from a bulletin coming out of a popular professional association in the space, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. The bulletin suggests that tests, like the one $NTRA is making, might eventually pan out to be standard-of-care for all pregnancies.

🔨 Hardwood floor retailer Lumber Liquidators saw its stock downgraded earlier this year in January by some analysts, but it did not miss a beat. The stock has had incredible momentum during the year, up 167% year-to-date. Today, $LL is up nearly 12% as investors continue to flow into this stock.

☀️ New Delhi-based company, Azure Power, is up 12% today. $AZRE makes large installations of solar power across India and trades on the New York Stock Exchange. $AZRE is up after an exciting Q2 earnings call, which included conversation about many of the big ‘portfolio’ projects they were pursuing across India in the renewable segment. Azure might be a play that offers exposure to a dreamy cross-section of renewables and developing markets.

🚗 Tesla barely made today’s Rippers list, hitting a new 52-week high just days after Elon Musk announced their intention to do a 5-to-1 stock split. $TSLA has become the preferred ‘big boy stock’ to speculate on in 2020. Investors are still waiting for the much-anticipated Tesla Battery Day presentation and a presumed invite to join the S&P 500. It’s up 10.8% today.

That wraps today’s Rippers list. Check back on Wednesday to read more about the stocks making moves!

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