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SONOS, Electric Vehicles and Biotech Win Big After Impressive Gains

🎧 Sound is big business. If you need any evidence, take a look at the U.S.-based smart speaker company SONOS. The Hi-Fi speaker maker popped nearly 30% today after their Q4 earnings. The company’s value proposition — “whole home audio” — means that a Sonos network can be expanded. $SONO became a benefactor of speaker purchases throughout the pandemic.

💊 The lesser-known biotech Corcept Therapeutics emerged victorious from a rigorous patent lawsuit with the pharma giant Teva. Corcept Therapeutics popped after the United States Patent and Trademark Office indicated they would rule in favor of $CORT in a patent battle over a genre of drugs called “CYP3A inhibitors.” The victory came with another big win for the company in the form of a 25.6% jump.

🔌 Electric vehicles have gotten a lot of love on our list lately, but how about the companies intermediating their rise? Blink Charging is one of those company manufacturing and operating EV charging stations for businesses and consumers. Shares of $BLNK jumped 24% today. This jump was aided by positive vaccine news, increased EV buying during the recession and news that the company has implemented a new cable management solution.

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