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What the 2020 Election Results Means for the Stock Market

Happy Sunday! Welcome back to Bullish Rippers. Traditionally, we spend Sunday taking a look at a broader trend or industry that is making moves. But this week we have an elephant in the room — the U.S. general election 🇺🇸

The election will likely cause a whirlwind in markets this week, with one likely to outweigh earnings reports and the Federal Reserve meeting Wednesday morning. Given so much uncertainty about how long the election will last, markets are likely to exhibit some pretty volatile behavior. The volatility will largely depend on the outcome of the election and how quickly we get to its conclusion. The Cboe Volatility Index or VIX Index may surge if the election overstays its welcome with investors.

In the case the election wraps up relatively quickly with a clear-cut winner, this volatility will likely be short-lived. But depending on the composition of our new government, we could see effects ripple throughout sectors. It’ll be a great time to look at your portfolio to send funds to work according to what is likely to win after the results of the election.

If Trump wins ➡️ it’s likely that financials, healthcare & pharm and industrials will win “yugely.”

If Biden wins ➡️ it’s likely tech, utilities and consumer discretionary will get the spoils. A strong Democratic or Republican majority in either house of Congress might also affect sentiments in the market.

Our two cents this week is to steer clear of panic selling or throwing out everything. Volatility and sell-offs in the markets are a setback. But they represent an opportunity to buy more, not to eliminate positions! Just as they were a setback in March, there will be a setback as long as the elections persist. However, eventually we will return to the green. Best of luck this week — Hope you stay safe and healthy!

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