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What to Look Out For Ahead of Earnings Reports This Week

A handful of companies are looking down the barrel of earnings this trading week, with a handful of interesting companies and unique trends were keeping our eye on:

🍻 Louisville-based Brown-Forman is one of the biggest companies in American alcohol. Brown-Forman is responsible for delivering brands that many whiskey & spirits enthusiasts are very aware of: Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester and Sonoma-Cutrer. We covered Brown-Forman on our Rippers list a few months ago alongside a number of other spirits & alcohol companies which were surging during the pandemic. When $BF.B and $BF.A reports earnings on Tuesday, we’ll be watching to see if that trend has kept pace throughout the pandemic. The company is up over 17% this year.

🐶 Pet food retailer Chewy, which was bought by PetSmart in 2017 for $3.35bn, will report on the health of one niche segment in e-commerce. $CHWY sells treats, food, beds and pharmacy products for a variety of household pets (and interestingly enough, farm animals). The company saw its last quarter rise 47% year-over-year, nearly digging itself out of years of losses. This has contributed to it having a successful year on markets, with the stock up over 153% YTD. Though the company still loses money, they expect to turn a profit in the next 2 years.

🧘‍♀️ When athleisure company Lululemon reports on Wednesday, it’ll answer the question: “is the stay-at-home fitness boom here to stay?” $LULU reported that a 155% boom in e-commerce sales picked up much of the slack from the 51% decline in revenue from physical retail stores. The company is up over 61% YTD.

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