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Which ETFs Are Making Major Gains Despite COVID-19

✈️ Industries battered by COVID-19 were had biggest gains on Monday and Tuesday after clarity emerged in the presidential election and $PFE vaccine data. Shares of travel companies saw some of the biggest jumps. The travel and tourism tech ETF $AWAY and U.S. airline ETF $JETS both jumped over 10% since the opening bell rang Monday morning.

📈 REITs were also among the biggest benefactors from the positive vaccine and election outlook. Shares of the iShares Global REIT ETF, which invests in a large variety of international real estate companies, jumped 8.2%. $REET was joined by the monolithic Vanguard Real Estate ETF, $VNQ, which jumped over 5%. REITs have been hammered amidst COVID-19 because of concerns about repayment and investment stability. Both ETFs fell over 36% from December 2019 to March 2020 amidst the fallout from the pandemic.

💵 Two financial service companies jumped onto our Rippers list today on the heels of their Q3 earnings reports. Money transfer company Moneygram jumped 10.4% after it reported revenue growth. Over the last few years, $MGI has been advancing a digital-first transformation of its international business. It was joined by Nelnet, a student loan servicer, which has been diversifying into banking and other financial services. The bulk of $NNI revenue growth in Q3 came from “asset generation” on derivatives.

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